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Meeting future challenges

We recognise that the future of farming businesses depends on the health of your whole rural community as well as the resilience of your own enterprise and the broader issue of environmental sustainability.

We support charities such as Aussie Helpers to relieve financial and emotional pressure on individuals facing difficulties and we encourage all our staff members to play a constructive role in strengthening and sustaining their local communities.

Through our sponsorships of the CSIRO Sustainable Futures educational program and the Future Farmers Network, we are helping to generate enthusiasm for agriculture and the environment in the next generation of scientists and farmers.

At the same time, we are continuing to invest in the years of research required to go on developing innovative products like Sakura and Movento, new crop varieties with superior traits, and environmentally friendly biological products.

Our increased emphasis on integrated crop protection and crop production strategies, in partnership with other organisations like the CSIRO and the GRDC, is helping reduce growers’ dependence on chemical crop protection, with future sustainability benefits. We are also helping to address the rapid development of herbicide resistant weeds through the Diversity can’t wait program, rotational recommendations for the use of fungicides and our support for Integrated Pest Management.

Read more about how we are Supporting Sustainable Agriculture in Australia through the three pillars of sustainable development:

Economic Viability

Environmental Resilience

Social Equity


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