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Bringing you the benefits of great breeding

As part of our integrated approach to enhancing farm productivity, we are now placing increasing emphasis on providing Australian growers with the benefits of our global crop breeding resources. That means new varieties to choose from, offering traits both growers and consumers value.

Bayer hybrid canola

The 2013 ‘Golden age’ launch of IH50RR gave canola growers their first opportunity to experience the increased flexibility our presence in the market can offer them.

Bayer pioneered the development of hybrid varieties in North America and Europe, and is now the largest producer of hybrid canola seed worldwide. That means we have a well-established global gene pool to draw on as we breed new varieties that are uniquely adapted to Australian growing conditions.

Over the next few years we are planning to develop new traits that add value to hybrid canola. Our aim is to have a focused portfolio of varieties, making sure each one offers a real alternative to those that are already available.

Our family is expanding during 2014, with the release of our early season Roundup Ready® hybrid, IH30RR. Our focus on delivering quality seed to the market, giving you confidence in every bay of Bayer hybrid canola seed. Find out more about our Roundup Ready® hybrid canola varieties on the Golden Age of Canola website.

New wheat varieties

We are in the process of establishing a new crop breeding centre in the Wimmera region of Victoria, near Horsham. The breeding centre will be focused on wheat and oilseeds. The target is the development of new varieties with higher yields and productivity improvements tailored to Australian conditions. With the demand for wheat and oilseeds growing worldwide, we drive our efforts towards producing new high-yielding varieties that are better able to withstand pests, diseases and able to thrive under environmental stresses like drought.

Nunhems vegetable seeds

Under the Nunhems brand, Bayer CropScience offers expert advice and high-quality seed varieties of 28 vegetable crops. We are present in all major vegetable production areas around the globe. We are dedicated to producing market-oriented varieties and seed products, and more than just that. We are oriented towards customers, and towards sharing value-added genetics, services and expertise to help them succeed.

Our customers
Our customers are the professional horticultural production industry and the vegetable value chain. We understand that every customer has its own typical needs, whether for the domestic or for the export market, in asparagus or in watermelon. It is this understanding of the vegetable business that makes us the global specialist.

Assortment and innovative varieties
Our Research and Development activities result in vegetable varieties that deliver benefits to farmers and beyond. For example; yield and resistances against pests and diseases are, among many more, important characteristics for the growers. The vegetable value chain need reliable quality vegetables and consumers want tasty and convenient vegetables. Our value-added genetics are offered together with services and expertise from our specialists.

Crop Specialization
Bayer CropScience was the first company in vegetable seeds to replace country organizations by Crop Teams. Focusing on a single crop, these groups of experts are responsible for bringing together the company’s global resources for the benefit of local growers.

Our crop-oriented structure is designed to draw on the strengths of every team member. It allows close interaction between research, breeding, production, processing and sales, with all members of the team jointly responsible for their crop’s global results.

Product development through ‘integrated breeding’
A fast and continuous product development is ensured through ‘Integrated Breeding’, a process that combines all R&D disciplines to support the plant breeders. As vegetable varieties have to be developed in proximity of the market we have 26 breeding stations in 14 countries which are supported 2 centralized research laboratories in the Netherlands (Nunhem) and USA (Davis).

Supply Chain
It is our responsibility to match market demand and our seed production quantities and to make it available to our customers around the world in the best possible quality.

We have global crop specialists available to manage our global seed supply. Our processes, equipment, technologies, procedures and systems are globally standardized and linked, to guarantee the best seed supply to our customers at the local and global level.

This is all done from our three major vegetable seed supply chain centers:

  • Parma, Idaho (United States)
  • Nunhem (The Netherlands)
  • Hyderabad (India)

Along with three satellite centers:

  • Marbach (Germany)
  • Gurgaon (India)
  • Beijing (China)


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