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12 March 2009

Hombre and Zorro Crop Town Game a Winner

Wes Amor, Bayer CropScience Territory Sales Manager, presents a Nintendo Wii to the Hombre and Zorro game winner, Matt McGurk of Elders in Albury
Wes Amor, Bayer CropScience Territory Sales Manager, presents a Nintendo Wii to the Hombre and Zorro game winner, Matt McGurk of Elders in Albury

Matt McGurk is pleased to know he held off a lot of stiff competition to come out as the fastest gunslinger around and is now the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii for his efforts.

Working at Elders in Albury, Matt was one of hundreds who played the interactive Hombre® and Zorro® game recently launched by Bayer CropScience.

The game is a light-hearted take on the Hombre and Zorro ongoing campaign theme - Protects the good. Kills the bad. Destroys the ugly. The aim of the game is to kill and destroy as many bad bugs as possible, while simultaneously protecting the good ones.

Agronomists around the country were direct mailed the game, with hundreds playing and entering the competition. The first 50 entrants received a RM Williams belt for logging their score, with Matt winning the ultimate prize of a Nintento Wii for logging the highest score of all.

Matt said, “We all had a lot of fun here at work, trying to outdo each other. I’m wrapped to win the Wii. It’s great!”

Wes Amor, Bayer CropScience Territory Sales Manager, said a huge number of people played the game and entered the competition. Wes said, “The whole team is thrilled with the results, with entrants coming from all over the country. The game really got people going, so I’m pretty pleased someone in my area won and I got to present the prize.”

“What’s more, the game format has proven itself to be a fun and interactive learning tool for agronomists. We’ve had great feedback that suggests many enjoyed the way the information was presented,“ he added.

The current success of Hombre and Zorro can be attributed to the way both products are achieving excellent results under a variety of conditions. In fact, buoyed by such results, Bayer CropScience is offering a yield increase guarantee with both products sold in 2009.

Rohan Jarvis, Product Manager – Seed Treatments at Bayer CropScience, said that ongoing trial work, field observations and grower feedback regarding yield improvements have been so overwhelmingly positive that the time was right to offer growers a guarantee with the purchase of Hombre and Zorro.

Rohan said, “We trialled the initiative in Western Australia in 2008 with great success, so much so, we decided to roll it out nationwide in 2009.”

The upshot is that growers will receive a guarantee that if their yield does not increase by using Hombre or Zorro treated seed, their product will be replaced at no cost.

Rohan concluded, “I congratulate Matt on his top score. Hombre and Zorro are winners and now Matt is too. And even though the prizes have been won, the game is still a cracker to play.

Play the CropTown game (opens in new window) or Download for offline play (1.7Mb)

For more information:
Rohan Jarvis
Product Manager - Seed Treatment
Bayer CropScience Pty Ltd
Phone: 03 9248 6818


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