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23 March 2012

Bayer CropScience updates advisors in Ballarat

Bayer CropScience launched its 2012 Innovation Forums this month at a successful event in Ballarat.

The forums, which are also being held in Adelaide, Perth, Narrandera and Dubbo, brought agronomists and consultants together to discuss current issues, future opportunities and trends in the marketplace.

Bayer CropScience Technical Advisory Manager, Greg Skinner, said the Innovation Forums are a fantastic opportunity for Bayer CropScience to collaborate with agronomists and consultants to ensure they are well-equipped to educate growers.

“These forums allow us to have a greater understanding and appreciation of how the various products perform in the field, providing an ideal platform to educate growers on how to best use our products with confidence,” he said Greg.

The Ballarat event included guest speakers Professor Stephen Powless, Director of the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative at the University of Western Australia and Dr Steve Marcroft, Research Scientist of Marcroft Grains Pathology.

Professor Stephen Powles discussed his experience with Sakura® and the management of herbicide resistance in relation to the product, while Dr Steve Marcroft shared the latest research on blackleg in canola.

According to Professor Stephen Powles, adequate herbicide rotation and usage rates will be critical in maintaining the efficacy of Sakura over time, maximising its longevity and minimising the potential for resistance.

Bayer CropScience Technical Advisor, Alistair Crawford, said Dr Steve Marcroft’s presentation was timely considering the disease pressure Victorian growers will face in their crops this year.

“More Victorian growers are deciding to grow canola instead of wheat this year so the potential for disease will be vastly increased compared to anything we’ve seen before.

"Because blackleg carries over from one season to the next and infected plants appear healthy until lesions appear on plant leaves, preparedness is key.”

New seed treatments Raxil® PRO and EverGol® Prime, the herbicide Sakura, the fungicide Prosaro® and Bayer Hybrid Canola were also showcased. Trial results were shared and Bayer CropScience demonstrated the innovative research and development that went into the technology behind the products.

Raxil PRO was made available to growers late last year and is the first seed treatment fungicide to combine the unique properties of prothioconazole with the proven performance of tebuconazole to provide a highly efficacious fungicidal seed treatment with excellent systemicity and high plant compatibility.

Landmark representative Chris Dunn from Elmore was present at the Innovation Forum.

“The forum was very informative,” he said.

“We get a lot of rhizoctonia in our area, so EverGol Prime will really benefit our customers when it has completed the registration process.”

The trial results for Prosaro in canola were of particular interest because of the increased potential for blackleg this year.

“Different varieties have different susceptibility to blackleg, but the trials have shown that Prosaro is working well and yields are increasing across all moderately resistant to moderately susceptible varieties,” Alistair said.

Notably, trial results for Bayer CropScience’s new mid-season hybrid canola containing RoundUp Ready® herbicide technology were also promising.

Andrew Loorham, Bayer’s Marketing Manager – Seeds & Traits, said, “Our first hybrid, IH50RR, is a competitive product, and building on our global experience as a leading canola breeding organisation, we are looking forward to offering Australian canola growers more options in the future.”

In addition to the presentations, Q&A panels gave attendees the opportunity to ask questions about the products, providing a forum for discussion around performance features, results and more.

“Bayer CropScience conducts a lot of research and development in conjunction with the industry and the Innovation Forums provide a strong platform for knowledge transfer and ensure growers have the most up-to-date information possible,” said Alistair.

For more information on attending an upcoming grower meeting contact your local technical advisor or your senior agronomist.

An application for registration of EverGol Prime has been made. At the time of publication this product is not registered.

Raxil®, EverGol®, and Prosaro® are Registered Trademarks of Bayer.

Sakura® is a Registered Trademark of Kumiai Chemical Co. Limited.

Roundup Ready® is a Registered Trademark of Monsanto Technology LLC.



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