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Extending your weed control

Our range of herbicides includes products from 9 different chemical groups, which gives you the diversity you need to help manage the growing threat of herbicide resistant weeds.

For cereal growers, the focus is now on Sakura® and Velocity® as innovative products that can control weed populations that are resistant to other modes of action – or help slow the development of resistance in areas where it’s not yet preventing effective control.

If you’re having problems with weeds that are resistant to glyphosate, both Liberty® (for use only in Liberty Link cotton varieties) and Basta® offer an alternative mode of action.

Whatever weed challenges you face, you can also call on our expert technical advice about the best ways to tackle them. For general guidance, have a look at the technical literature linked to the individual product pages. For answers to specific questions, please contact our technical support team.

Product NameActive IngredientsTypeLabelSDS
Actril DS Selective Herbicide
100 g/L ioxynil present as the octanoate
577 g/L 2
4-D (present as the ethyl hexyl ester)
Atlantis OD Selective Herbicide
30 g/L mesosulfuron-methylHerbicideLabelSDS
Balance 750 WG Herbicide
750 g/kg isoxaflutoleHerbicideLabelSDS
Basta Non-Selective Herbicide
200 g/L glufosinate-ammoniumHerbicideLabelSDS
Betanal Flow Herbicide
160 g/L phenmediphamHerbicideLabelSDS
Brodal Options Selective Herbicide
500 g/L diflufenicanHerbicideLabelSDS
Buctril MA Selective Herbicide
(Product is no longer available for purchase from Bayer)
200 g/L bromoxynil
200 g/L MCPA present as the ethyl hexyl ester
Eclipse 100 SC Herbicide
100 g/L metosulamHerbicideLabelSDS
Hussar OD Selective Herbicide
100 g/L iodosulfuron-methyl-sodiumHerbicideLabelSDS
Jaguar Selective Herbicide
25 g/L diflufenican
250 g/L bromoxynil
Liberty 200 Herbicide
200 g/L glufosinate-ammoniumHerbicideLabelSDS
Precept Selective Herbicide
125 g/L MCPA as the 2-ethylhexyl ester
25 g/L pyrasulfotole
Sakura 850 WG Herbicide
850 g/kg PyroxasulfoneHerbicideLabelSDS
Saturn EC Rice Herbicide
800 g/L thiobencarbHerbicideLabelSDS
Sencor 480 SC Selective Herbicide
480 g/L metribuzinHerbicideLabelSDS
Soccer 700 WG Herbicide
(Product is no longer available for purchase from Bayer)
700 g/kg metribuzinHerbicideLabelSDS
Taipan Herbicide
300 g/L benzofenapHerbicideLabelSDS
Tigrex Selective Herbicide
25 g/L diflufenican
250 g/L MCPA (present as the iso-octyl ester)
Totril Selective Herbicide
250 g/L ioxynil present as the octanoateHerbicideLabelSDS
Tramat 500 SC Selective Herbicide
500 g/L ethofumesateHerbicideLabelSDS
Velocity Selective Herbicide
210 g/L bromoxynil as its mixed heptanoic acid and octanoic acid esters
37.5 g/L pyrasulfotole


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