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When broadleaf weeds emerge in mixed infestations with the major grass weeds, all the products listed below can be used safely and effectively with Atlantis OD. These have been ranked in 2 groups according to the impact they have on the performance of Atlantis OD:

Preferred Partners
No or minimal reduction in grass weed control when used as recommended.

Major Weed Partners
No reduction in control of wild oats, annual ryegrass or annual phalaris; some impact likely on suppression of barley grass and brome grass.


Zinc-based foliar fertilisers and chlorpyrifos-based formulations must not be mixed with Atlantis OD because unacceptable crop effects may occur.


Atlantis OD is safe to wheat##

In a series of seven bread wheat variety trials, Atlantis OD demonstrated excellent crop safety and in some instances caused less phytotoxicity than Crusader. Crusader is not registered for use on durum wheat varieties.

Atlantis OD Crop Safety in wheat



The recommended re-cropping intervals for Atlantis OD are quite conservative.
As an example, re-cropping trials used to develop the Atlantis OD label in faba beans and lentils found that sowing faba beans one season after applying Atlantis (at recommended rates) will not lead to any adverse crop effects.

Re-cropping profiles for field peas at 153 days after application of Atlantis OD 330 mL/ha (in the middle; 10% maximum biomass reduction relative to untreated at left-hand side) compared to Crusader 500 mL/ha (on the right; 15% maximum biomass reduction relative to untreated at far left).
 Untreated field peas  Atlantis OD 330 mL/ha  Crusader 500 mL/ha


Atlantis OD Selective Herbicide

Add specialist grass weed control to your program

Atlantis OD simplifies the control of mixed grass weed infestations in wheat with a single post-emergent spray. It is registered for the post-emergent control of wild oats and annual phalaris, and the suppression of brome grass, barley grass and annual ryegrass.
Adding Atlantis to your program can contribute extra control of key grass weeds that can make a big difference at harvest.

Atlantis tank-mixes very well with a range of key broadleaf weed herbicides (e.g. Precept ®, Velocity ®, Tigrex ® and Jaguar ®) and works well as part of an integrated weed management program involving herbicides with other modes of action.

This ‘OD’ formulation uses ODesi ® technology to improve spray retention and foliar uptake, so you get more value from every application.

Product Type
Active Ingredient(s)
mesosulfuron-methyl 30 g/L
Crop Safener(s)
Mefenpyr-diethyl 90 g/L
Hydrocarbon Liquid 624 g/L
Formulation Type
Oil dispersion
Pack Size(s)
5 L
Market Segments
Mode of Action
Inhibitor of ALS

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