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Flint 500 WG Fungicide

Powdery mildew protection at flowering

Ideal for use in grapevines at flowering, Flint also provides long-lasting protection against powdery mildew in apples, pears and strawberries. Flint can be applied twice each season for suppression of downy mildew as well as control of powdery mildew in grapes, and offers effective protective control against scab in apples and pears.

The other Flint formulation – 500 SC – is used to prevent sigatoka and cordana leaf spot in bananas.

Product Type
Active Ingredient(s)
trifloxystrobin 500 g/kg
Formulation Type
Water dispersible granule
Pack Size(s)
5 kg
1 kg
Chemical Group
Quinone outside Inhibitors
Market Segments
Mode of Action
Inhibits fungus mitochondrial respiration

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