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Dropp Liquid Cotton Defoliant

Cost-effective cotton defoliation in hot conditions

Dropp Liquid provides outstanding defoliation characteristics under warm conditions, which makes it the product of choice for defoliation in the warmer northern cotton growing areas. We recommend Dropp UltraMAX as a more appropriate choice in the cooler southern areas.

The choice of the right, very reliable harvest aids is critical to getting full value from your cotton crop. If you are in any doubt about which defoliant to use, please contact your local Bayer CropScience representative or call our technical enquiries line: 1800 804 479.

Product Type
Active Ingredient(s)
thidiazuron 500 g/L
Formulation Type
Suspension concentrate
Pack Size(s)
5 L
Market Segments
Mode of Action
Plant growth regulator, which stimulates formation of an abscission layer between the plant stem and the leaf petioles, causing the dropping of entire green leaves.

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