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Movento ® 240 SC Insecticide

Stop sucking pests getting out of control

Movento is a powerful, innovative insecticide for the control of sucking pests – including silverleaf whitefly and various aphid, scale and thrips pests – in a range of vegetable crops, citrus, grapes, mangoes and cotton. With its unique ‘2-way systemicity’ that distributes the active ingredient through the plant both upwards and downwards, Movento is better able to control sucking pests ‘hiding’ on the covered inner leaves that other insecticides can’t reach.

Movento is highly compatible with IPM production systems, being ‘soft’ on most beneficial species when used as directed and highly effective on pest populations that may have developed resistance to existing registered products.

Product Type
Active Ingredient(s)
spirotetramat 240 g/L
Formulation Type
Suspension concentrate
Pack Size(s)
10 L
2.5 L
3 L
Chemical Group
Market Segments
Mode of Action
Inhibitor of insect lipid (fatty acid) biosynthesis

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