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Prosaro® 420SC - the most effective foliar fungicide treatment against blackleg and sclerotinia.

Current management options for sclerotinia are limited to crop rotations, cultural methods and the use of fungicides.

In regions prone to sclerotinia infection it is vitally important to have a proactive program for sclerotinia control in canola.

Sclerotinia management checklist:

  • Broadleaf crops and weeds are susceptible to sclerotinia. However, cereals are not.
  • Ensure farmer-retained canola seed is free of sclerotinia contamination. Sclerotia are the hard black resting bodies of sclerotinia which resemble rat droppings and carry sclerotinia over to subsequent seasons.
  • Prosaro should be applied between 20% and 50% (full bloom) flowering where there is a moderate or high risk of sclerotinia. For best results apply at 20% to 30% flowering prior to disease development.
  • Use the 450 mL/ha Prosaro rate under higher disease risk. A second application may be required in high pressure situations.
  • When spraying for sclerotinia, good coverage throughout the entire canopy is essential. Use higher water rates (i.e. 100 L/ha for ground application and 30 L/ha for aerial application) to improve spray coverage.
  • Prosaro is compatible with a range of insecticides and herbicides. To find out more, contact your local reseller agronomist or Bayer representative.

Don’t risk reduced yields. Use Prosaro, the third generation triazole combination formulation that provides exceptional disease control that can seriously boost your bottom line. See the results for yourself. 


Key observations from the 2011- 2013 trial work:

  • Across 25 trials over three seasons a mean yield increase of 20% over the untreated was recorded.
  • The range of responses highlights the importance of spray timing, disease levels and weather conditions. Higher yield increases were recorded when conducive conditions coincided with high incidence of infection and severity with application of Prosaro made prior to significant infection in the crop.
  • A maximum of two applications of Prosaro per crop and season is allowed. The number of sprays of Prosaro that may be applied per crop includes any applications made earlier in the season for blackleg control, a two-spray strategy will differ in the timings to protect the crop’s yield potential.

*Economic return from an average of 1.9 t/ha yield from 100% based on canola at $500/tonne and an average application cost of $6/ha.
Jockey Stayer or Intake® yield average (applied alone): 1.90 t/ha
^Mean yield increase from Prosaro 375 mL/ha over untreated: 20% (25 trials)
Trial ID: Data generated from commercial applications

Introducing The Prosaro Scale

Knowing when conditions are suited to fungal outbreaks is crucial to proactively protect your canola crop from disease. Bayer CropScience launched The Prosaro Scale for blackleg in 2015, an early warning system to identify and minimise the risk of blackleg spore showers, before blackleg develops in your canola crop.

We are also currently developing The Prosaro Scale for prediction of sclerotinia infection which is planned to be launched in time for the 2016 season. The sclerotinia model will give you a disease incidence warning for sclerotinia stem rot supported by a graph indicating the infection levels for the previous 7 days. As with the blackleg model, the colours on the scale itself will represent the potential risk of sclerotinia stem rot infection. The sclerotinia model shall support you in minimising the risk of sclerotinia stem rot infection, before sclerotinia becomes a major problem in your canola crop.

Watch the space and visit in the meantime for more information on blackleg disease management.

Prosaro® 420 SC Foliar Fungicide

Targeted disease prevention and control.

Prosaro is a protective and curative fungicide that can give you high-level control of rust diseases, especially stripe rust in wheat, and hard to control foliar diseases such as barley net blotch (both net form & spot form) and leaf scald in barley.

Prosaro is also the first foliar fungicide registered in Australia for the management of blackleg and sclerotinia in canola.

Its application timing is flexible, so you can target Prosaro applications to effectively manage specific diseases at the most appropriate development stage.

Product Type
Active Ingredient(s)
prothioconazole 210 g/L
tebuconazole 210 g/L
Formulation Type
Suspension concentrate
Pack Size(s)
10 L
Chemical Group
Market Segments
Mode of Action
Inhibitor of demethylation

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