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The Prosaro Scale for Blackleg is live again

The Prosaro Scale helps agronomists, consultants and growers to manage fungal disease in canola. Understanding when risk of disease infection is high is important for a proactive disease control program in canola and the Prosaro Scale assists to do this. The scale is based on the blackleg sporacle model developed through research undertaken by the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA), with the support of the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) for predicting onset of seasonal ascospore showers emanating from canola residues.

The model utilises daily weather data and future weather scenarios to predict the likely commencement of seasonal blackleg infection period in canola. A simple postcode input returns a predicted ascospore maturation risk rating for blackleg. Each postcode is aligned to a weather station in that locality. For this season all physical Australian postcode locations (>3500) are covered. This is an extension from over 400 postcode locations in 2015! The Prosaro Scale is an indicative tool whereby the level of alert is given by a colour code depending on the likelihood of blackleg spore showers having commenced (spore maturation and release) from previous seasons’ canola stubble. Yellow indicates a low probability of a spore shower occurring, orange indicates commencement of ascospore development and red indicates spore showers are likely to have commenced or are imminent, hence risk of blackleg infection is high if canola is at a susceptible stage of development.

If you use the Prosaro Scale on your iDevice, you will be prompted to add the model as an web-application to your home screen (please refer to the screenshot below). This will save you time by allowing you to access the model by one tap only, a new user-friendly feature which was implemented based on your feedback.

A subscription functionality is also added to the Prosaro Scale, where users can elect to be on the mailing list and receive monthly disease reports specific to their postcodes. As the canola season unfolds subscribers will also receive a final summary report at the end of the blackleg season.
We hope you find this tool useful.  Any feedback appreciated.

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Also in time for the Sclerotinia season, we will launch The Prosaro Scale for Sclerotinia on Watch this space.

Prosaro® 420 SC Foliar Fungicide

Targeted disease prevention and control.

Prosaro is a protective and curative fungicide that can give you high-level control of rust diseases, especially stripe rust in wheat, and hard to control foliar diseases such as barley net blotch (both net form & spot form) and leaf scald in barley.

Prosaro is also the first foliar fungicide registered in Australia for the management of blackleg and sclerotinia in canola.

Its application timing is flexible, so you can target Prosaro applications to effectively manage specific diseases at the most appropriate development stage.

Product Type
Active Ingredient(s)
prothioconazole 210 g/L
tebuconazole 210 g/L
Formulation Type
Suspension concentrate
Pack Size(s)
10 L
Chemical Group
Market Segments
Mode of Action
Inhibitor of demethylation

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