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Prosaro® 420SC - the most effective foliar fungicide treatment against blackleg and sclerotinia.

Blackleg epidemics are primarily initiated by airborne ascospores originating from matured pseudothecia (fruiting bodies) of the fungus on the previous year’s infected stubble/crop residues. Higher temperatures and lower moisture conditions during summer and autumn favour the maturity of pseudothecia. Once matured, pseudothecia are triggered to release ascospores by rainfall or even heavy dews and high humidity.

Knowing when conditions are suited to fungal outbreaks is crucial for your proactive disease control program. We are pleased to announce the launch of The Prosaro Scale, your early warning system which shall help you understand how to firstly identify and then minimise the risk of blackleg spore showers, before blackleg becomes a major problem in your canola crop. The Prosaro Scale uses daily temperature and rainfall inputs, sourced from the BOM and Weatherzone in order to provide a seasonal estimate on the arrival of the first blackleg spore showers.

For more information on blackleg disease management or alerts for your area, visit now.

Don’t risk reduced yields. Use Prosaro, the third generation triazole combination formulation that provides exceptional disease control that can seriously boost your bottom line. See the results for yourself.

Prosaro control of blackleg in canola

*Economic return from an average of 2.0 t/ha yield based on canola at $500/tonne and an average application cost of $6/ha.
Jockey Stayer or Intake® yield average (applied alone): 2.0 t/ha
^ Mean yield increase from Prosaro 375 mL/ha over seed treatment or in-furrow treatment alone: 10% (17 trials)
Mean yield increase from Prosaro 450 mL/ha over seed treatment or in-furrow treatment alone: 13% (6 trials)
Trial ID: 2011: NA20, NA21, NW03, SA03, SB12, VA01, VA02, VA21, VD10, WA02; 2012: NW03, NW04, NW22, SA02a, SA04b, VB04, WA03, WA04, WA31, WA32
Varieties: Cobbler (MS-S), Crusher (MS), Tawriffic (MS)

Prosaro 2012 large scale evaluation/mapping for blackleg control

Prosaro® 420 SC Foliar Fungicide

Targeted disease prevention and control.

Prosaro is a protective and curative fungicide that can give you high-level control of rust diseases, especially stripe rust in wheat, and hard to control foliar diseases such as barley net blotch (both net form & spot form) and leaf scald in barley.

Prosaro is also the first foliar fungicide registered in Australia for the management of blackleg and sclerotinia in canola.

Its application timing is flexible, so you can target Prosaro applications to effectively manage specific diseases at the most appropriate development stage.

Product Type
Active Ingredient(s)
prothioconazole 210 g/L
tebuconazole 210 g/L
Formulation Type
Suspension concentrate
Pack Size(s)
10 L
Chemical Group
Market Segments
Mode of Action
Inhibitor of demethylation

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